We have our cut Christmas Trees and Poinsettas available to purchase in-store. Kindly visit the store to experience and buy an awesome tree to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.


Poinsettias are the quintessential holiday plant. They prefer bright, indirect light. Water your poinsettia when the soil is dry, being careful not to let the plant sit in water.

  • Perfect holiday decor
  • Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not harmful to pets (although not intended for animal or human consumption)
  • Water when soil is dry
  • Place in bright, indirect light

We have Poinsettias available in stock for your holiday celebration and to gift your loved ones.

6"(15cm) Poinsettias are available starting at $7.50 with various others sizes to choose from.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree

“touch me” needles

  • gorgeous soft green to blue-ish needles that are gentle on the hands while decorating! expect very little needle drop with regular watering.

diverse solid style

  • you'll find some more cultured than others with forms ranging from wide layers to the quintessential Christmas tree shape - each with their own unique character that offers strong branching.


  • one of the best with sap pockets that can be crushed to release even more as desired.


Grand Fir Christmas Trees

shiny needles

  • long glossy dark green needles provide a two-tone bright silvery-blue underside. use “keeps-it-green” and regular watering to maintain needles throughout the season.

classic culture

  • if a traditional Christmas tree shape is a must then be sure to check out the Grand fir as it’s often cultured into a perfect cone shape with just enough room to make decorating easy.

amazing aroma

  • its intoxicating rich fragrance is second-to-none. 


Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

cute needles

  • perfect tufts of soft 1” needles offer striking 2-tone contrast from dark green on top to silvery-blue beneath! excellent needle retention (with regular watering)

strong slender style

  • strong branches and regular spaces for decorations alongside a slim tapered growth make this a terrific choice for a smaller space


  • it’s so good they decided to bottle it!


Nordman Fir Christmas Trees

distinct glossy needles

  • shiny green needles provide a two-tone bright silvery-blue underside alongside excellent needle retention!

lasting form

  • we often hear it’s “the perfect tree” with its well-structured conical shape. 
  • strong true fir branching leaves room for decorations… just wait until you flick on the lights and see the reflective needles twinkling! 


Douglas Fir Christmas Trees

soft bright needles

  • bright green needles set this species apart. use “keeps-it-green” and regular watering to maintain needles throughout the season.


  • one of the often unappreciated holiday treasures is sinking into the way your family has celebrated the season for generations...like a comfy recliner, the Douglas Fir is often the perfect nostalgic choice.


  • even its unique sweet aroma often helps recall Christmas’ of the past.  Expect a few needles to drop, but know that every broken needle means more fragrance released!


BC Natural Subalpine Fir Christmas Trees

soft needles

  • strong branches make decorating a joy.  best of all the needles don’t drop off!  just be sure to keep her watered


  • these elegant trees let you really show-off your decorations!  with strong branches that give plenty of room for dangling sparkle!


  • the best.  notice the sap pockets along the trunk? pop these and fill your room with hours of classic Christmas aroma-therapy!