Perfect Garden Plants for Patios

Perfect Garden Plants for Patios

No matter what size garden you have, perfect garden plants for patios can be useful information to know. If you have a more extensive garden, you will likely have a deck where your pots will be full of plants. If you have a smaller space, such as a patio without any other garden or a balcony, you might want to make the most from your area and create an impact on containers. Many plants will grow on a patio, too many to list here, but we’ve picked a few we think you will love and that will enjoy a patio pot. 

Go Big With an Olive Tree Which is the Perfect Garden Plant for Patios

There is nothing like an Olive Tree for a taste of the Mediterranean in a garden. Not only do they provide shade, but they also have a history in their glorious gnarled bark. You can pick from small trees to specimens that are hundreds of years old in a huge pot. They will thank you for some seaweed feed, but otherwise, they are very easy to look after. Pair it up with Lavender, Russian Sage, Rosemary, and any other plants that make you feel like your garden is a holiday destination. 

Perfect Garden Plants for Patios Include Pollinator-Friendly Wildflowers 

A straightforward but effective way to make your pots look pretty is to sow wildflowers in May or September and let them go wild. This can be great for kids as well but even better for pollinators like bees and butterflies. Wildflowers will produce some stunning colours such as:

  • Scabious

  • Oxeye Daisy

  • Achillea

  • Keep them watered in dry spells, and you will have many months of flowers to enjoy. 

Pick a Perennial as a Perfect Garden Plant for Patios 

There are so many perennials that grow well in pots, you could create your own display of Hostas or Hydrangeas plus climbing plants from Clematis to Passionflower can be trained up a wall or fence from a pot. The options are endless so never feel restricted by your space. 

The Perfect Garden Plant for Patios Has to be Annual Bedding

The classic pot plant has to be the Begonia along with Geraniums and Petunias. They create immediate impact and are easy to look after. Plant a few annuals in a pot, and water as needed along with maintaining deadheading to ensure they flower for as long as possible. There are so very many colours to choose from you can be colour coordinated or go for a happy clash. Try Petunia ‘Queen of Hearts’ or ‘ Night Sky’ or perhaps the lovely pink coloured ‘Pink Lemonade’. Whatever you do decide on, annual bedding never disappoints in a pot. 

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