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Having indoor plants near Northumberland has a charm - and benefits - of its own. With container plants you can bring the nature right into your house. If you love growing plants and live in a flat or a house without a garden, keeping houseplants is a simple solution to your woes. Having houseplants means you can enjoy healthy living and great air quality indoors even if your rooms are congested and have poor ventilation.

Keeping your houseplants near Northumberland healthy indoors

Maintaining a garden involves a time-consuming routine, and growing indoor plants is no less challenging. If done wrong, your plans for keeping an indoor garden will easily be foiled. This is why we give our indoor gardeners these pro tips to keep their houseplants healthy and growing:Cowell’s Garden Centre displays a stunning collection of indoor plants near Northumberland. Visit us and get the perfect set of houseplants for your rooms.

  1. Your indoors plants can give your house a wonderfully healthy and anti-stress environment, but, to work best, they require the right conditions. Keep them in bright spots but avoid getting them into direct sunlight. Make sure the temperature in the room is appropriate and steady with moderate humidity.
  2. Houseplants will not thrive on windowsills or close to radiators where there is significant fluctuation in temperature depending on the part of the day or year. A usually recommended position would be on top of a table close to a window.
  3. Make sure the compost gets properly dry before you water your indoor plants again. You should also spray their leaves with fresh water or use trays of damp gravel to hold the plants so they get proper humidity.
  4. Feed your houseplants near Northumberland with fluids every fortnight on average. Keep the leaves clean with regular wiping with a soaked ball of cotton to keep dust off their pores.
  5. Inspect regularly for pests. Container plants near Northumberland are known to attract many kinds of bugs. Look for signs of inhabitation of known pests, such as white tufts and yellow mottling, which are signatures of the mealybug and red spider mite respectively. You can use insecticidal soap sprays to take care of this problem.

Our collection of indoor plants near Northumberland

Once you become a customer at Cowell’s Garden Centre, you will have no trouble creating a beautiful indoor garden with our variety of houseplants at the nursery. You will find a wonderful collection of houseplants near Northumberland in our garden centre regardless of your taste and preferences, such as those architectural palms and ferns for a minimalistic look; or Daffodils, Stephanotis, and African Violets (etc.) for a more natural chic but shabby look.

We also maintain a broad collection of cacti with all their majesty and still beauty. Our containers of indoor cactus near Northumberland can be a great start to building a beautiful display of cacti in your home.

Cacti come in all sizes, endless shapes, and many colours. You can everything you need from our garden centre to build a whole indoor cactus garden near Northumberland. You can grow them in all kinds of containers, including shallow bowls or wide, deep boxes that you can also do up with some paint, bringing out the artist in you.

Getting indoor plants near Northumberland can also allow you to force some of the most beautiful garden plants in containers to grow before spring. Bulbs go wonderfully with this kind of experimentation. Imagine beautiful hyacinths growing on your windowsill, their light fragrance carried by the chilly breeze across your house.

Talk to our experts about indoor greenery

Some of these techniques are difficult to master and, if you are thinking about getting yourself indoor plants near Northumberland, you should seek expert advice. When you visit our nursery you should talk to one of our team members about your plants for an indoor garden. Whether you want to build a cactus garden in your sitting room or force-grow bulbs so you can stun your guests over Christmas with fresh daffodils, our experts will be able to give you detailed advice on how to go about your indoor greenery adventures. They will save you a lot of time and money.

Visit our nursery and find your favourite indoors plants near Northumberland!

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