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Finding bulbs near Whorlton Grange is easy because just about every nursery in Britain keeps bulbs in stock. The reason is simple: they are the easiest plants to grow in a home garden and they often reward their growers with beautiful flowers and fragrances, not to mention more useful products. However, if you are looking for the best collected near the Grange, you must visit our displays in Cowell’s Garden Centre.

The variety in our displays of bulbs near Whorlton Grange

Incidentally, the term bulbs is commonly used for a number of plants that are not particularly bulbs. In fact, a majority of the plants we so happily call our favourite bulbs often belong to other branches of geophytes. While we describe four major types of geophytes below, you are welcome to continue to call all of them bulbs because there is no harm in that. Looking for bulbs near Whorlton Grange? Visit our beautiful displays of bulbs at Cowell's Garden Centre.

  • True bulbs: We have a variety of true bulbs in our garden centre. Some of them, including Tulips, Lilies, Daffodils, Amaryllis, and Hyacinths, in fact happen to be favourites of many lovers of bulbs near Whorlton Grange. True bulbs are often rounded and have a flat base with roots on the lower side and a stem on the upper one. As a plant, they grow fast and expand in any free area of the plot they have around.
  • Corms: You might be looking for corms near Whorlton Grange without knowing it. In truth, when you buy a corm, you are growing a part of a bulb plant. To be specific, it is the part of a bulb plant that contains food for the stem growing upwards. A common example of corms would be Gladiolus, a popular bulb readily available in England.
  • Tubers: Tubers are those poor plants that are usually not categorised among other geophytes. They are neither bulbs nor corms, though they may be as useful and even nutritious. Potato is a very common example of tubers near Whorlton Grange. Will you be taken aback if we tell you, in terms of structure, potatoes and water lilies belong to the same family?
  • Rhizomes: These are strange geophytes and look in fact like underground thick stems that are trying to grow horizontally. Iris is one of the most common rhizomes near Whorlton Grange and it grows in this fashion. Canna and Lily-of-the-Valley are also common examples of rhizomes.

Bulbs for your garden near Whorlton Grange

Now that we have the matter of the name’s common misuse cleared up, let us tell you we have all kinds of bulbs available in our garden centre for your garden in town. We grow our bulbs in our nursery with special care, soil, fertiliser and nutrition. Therefore, when you buy your bulbs near Whorlton Grange, you should make sure you get them from us so you know you are buying plants that are healthier and have greater potential for growth and giving you flowers and food.

Getting bulb advice in our nursery

When you visit our garden centre to buy bulbs near Whorlton Grange, make sure you talk to one of our experts. They will point you in the right direction. 

Visit us soon to get your bulbs!

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